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October 06-07, 2020 |  MOTORWORLD, Region Stuttgart


In times of increasing connectivity and advanced tech features in cars, consumers more than ever expect an intuitive and seamless experience that needs to be safe as well. How can car manufacturers, suppliers and the industry in general achieve this without ending in a "arms race for functions"? Usability and ease of use are at the center of the HMI design. Join our UX community to share your thoughts and experience on how to create the ideal HMI.



Screens is an interactive video based online platform that allows you to benchmark various car HMIs against each other. Compare how many clicks you need to enter a navigation destination or how a take-over request is displayed on different HMIs and share the respective video sequence with your colleagues via e-mail. No matter whether you are interested in voice interaction, assistance systems or connectivity and apps. Screens offers you hundreds of comparable use cases for each vehicle and an exact representation of the actual click tree of a car's HMI. With Screens you just enter a vehicle right from your desk. Please visit

Altia provides cutting-edge HMI development software and engineering services for state-of-the-art automotive user interfaces. Our mission is to help our customers get amazing GUIs on any hardware.

Automotive companies around the world use Altia’s model-based HMI development tools to develop and deploy visionary instrument clusters, HUDs, driver information displays and IVI systems for production vehicles. With key features like advanced 3D, support of globalized fonts and quality initiatives related to ASPICE, MISRA and ISO 26262, Altia offers the best-in-class HMI software for safety and innovation. Please visit


Leading technology, leading the way.

SEKISUI S-LEC™ Film is the global leading brand for laminated glass interlayer films in automobiles. Our products fulfill an important function in the automotive market. The S-LEC™ interlayer film is applied in car windshields for passenger safety and expanding to door glass, rear glass and sun roof or panoramic roof with new functions.
With its products S-LEC™ brings new benefits to the automotive industry offering HUD (Head-Up Display) for eyes on the road and eco-friendly environmental comfort, noise reduction quite comfort, protection against UV and InfraRed rays, and protection against break-in.
We are developing further function and design integration with new S-LEC™ interlayer film by collaborating with many automotive partners.

Please visit us on LinkedIn, Youtube or Facebook.


Innovation Matters - Taking optical sensor solutions to HMI

Elmos Semiconductor AG develops and produces semiconductors and sensors for the automotive industry. Our components communicate, measure, regulate and control safety, comfort, powertrain and network functions. We are pioneers in the field of gesture control for infotainment, our innovations make HMI easier, reliable and more comfortable. New developments aim on solving the challenges of the future megatrends and support the ease of use in cars. We inspire our customers with an ever-growing customer base and a well-developed product portfolio aligned to the markets.

Please visit us on


Main discussion topics:

  • Discuss how to develop brand recognition in a rapidly changing Automotive World

  • Understand how to design userfriendly Interior & Lighting Design 

  • Examine whether voice is THE future user interface

  • Learn how innovative HMI Development Tools can assist to create innovative user interfaces

  • Experience how Advanced Display Technology can enhance Automotive UX

  • Realize the crucial role of Augmented & Mixed Realities

  • Examine the potential of gamification to achieve an intuitive UX

  • Personalization - How can we adjust the cockpit for different user requirements and preferences?

  • Shy Tech – digital detox in the cockpit?

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Dr. Lutz Krauß

Manager UI & UX

Porsche AG


Stéphane Feron

HMI Expert 

PSA Group


Benjamin Nawka

Chief Designer

Borgward Group AG

Peter Rössger

Dr.-Ing. Peter Rössger

Founder & CEO
Beyond HMI

Thomas Voehringer-Kuhnt

Director HMI/UX

GeelyAuto Technical (Deutschland) GmbH


Dr. Rainer Erbach

Senior Manager HMI

Robert Bosch GmbH


Patrice Reilhac

Research & Innovation Director; Comfort & Driving Assistance Business Group



Katharina Hottelart

UX Research & Marketing Manager Research & Innovation for the Comfort & Driving Assistance Systems Business Group


Dr. Christian Müller-Tomfelde

Dr. Christian Müller-Tomfelde

Principal Software Engineer
Visteon Electronics

Axel Torschmied

Head of Advanced HMI

Chief Technology Office
Visteon Electronics


Julia Weinmann

Interaction Designer 

Visteon Electronics

Armin Koelker

Armin Koelker

Sales Director EMEA


Mirtha Valenzuela

Mirtha Valenzuela

Product Segment Manager Optical Sensors
Elmos Semiconductor AG
Alexander Wodrich

Alexander Wodrich

Managing Director

why do birds

Sylvester Göttlicher

Sylvester Göttlicher

Director Products and Services
Screens GmbH
Francesco Tesauri

Francesco Tesauri

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

RE:Lab Srl

Cristián Acevedo

Cristián Acevedo

Project leader User Experience Design
Pia Immoor

Pia Immoor

Manager Research
Allround Team GmbH
Jan Bavendiek

Jan Bavendiek

Group Leader HMI
RWTH Aachen University
Vehicle Concepts & HMI

Dr. Gudrun Voß

Group Leader Passenger & User Comfort

RWTH Aachen University
Institute for Automotive Engineering

Christopher Brockmeier

Christopher Brockmeier

Manager Research Area
RWTH Aachen University
Vehicle Concepts & HMI
Dr. Frederik Diederichs

Dr. Frederik Diederichs

Ergonomics & Vehicle Interaction

Fraunhofer IAO

Dr. Mathias Bues

Dr. Bues Matthias

Head of Visual Interactive Technologies

Fraunhofer IAO

Vukelic Mathias

Dr. Vukelić Mathias

Senior Researcher Neuro Lab

Fraunhofer IAO

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Enjoy an informal evening gathering with your peers to discuss the outcome of the first conference day and expand your network in a relaxed ambience.

What our past delegates experienced

“The crucial moment to really start with our HMI benchmarking software “screens” came after the Intuitive Vehicles - Human Factors, HMI, UX 2018. My colleagues and I talked about our conversations at the fair and realised the remarkable fact that each one of us was told the same story regarding the way OEMs do HMI benchmarking. Of course we had specifically asked for it in the conversations, because we had discussed the idea for “screens” before, but never really pursued it. From that moment on it was clear: Everyone has to struggle with HMI benchmarking and we have an idea how to solve this. If we hadn’t been able to have so many conversations with different OEMs in such a short time, we would have hesitated forever and probably never started.”


“There were a lot of experts who have a lot to say. People from different levels - OEMS, Tier 1, Tier 2 and startups!”